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XCOM: Enemy Unknown was a critically acclaimed game that Michael scored in 2012. The game has gone on to win countless awards including ‘Game of the Year’ from Kotaku, Gamespy, Giant Bomb, Now Gamer and Destructoid.

Michael composed around 45 minutes of music for the soundtrack, and we’ve posted a few selections above, with additional tracks available through the Download icon to right. The score style was influenced by everything from old John Carpenter & Brad Fiedel soundtracks, to the electronic driven sci-fi scores of the 80s, to the percussion, brass and choir filled scores of late.

Publisher: 2K Interactive, Firaxis
All music written, produced, mixed and performed by Michael McCann

You can download a 22-track version of the XCOM: Enemy Unknown soundtrack by clicking on the download icon to the right. The file is 85mb, hosted on Dropbox, and includes many more tracks that aren’t in the Soundcloud playlist above.

The collectors edition soundtrack, that comes with the some retail versions of the game, includes music by Michael McCann, Roland Rizzo and Tim Wynn. This download set includes only McCann’s work.


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