Suture Persona Album Cover 1000px

Released in 1998, Persona was McCann’s first commercial release, and the first and only work McCann did under the artist name ‘Suture’. The 9-track album is a mix of break-beat, big-beat and lofi electronic. The album was entirely produced, mixed and written on a Kurzweil K2000 synthesizer.

• Release: Summer 1998
• Label: Behavior Music
• Written, produced and mixed by Michael McCann
• Mastered by Dave Cain & Distortion Studios
• Cover design by Michael McCann

McCann – “I produced / wrote Persona between 1997 – 1998 when I was about 21. At the time, big-beat / break-beat was a big influence for me – and was starting to saturate the mainstream. So, armed with a Kurzweil K2000 and a few drum loops, I set out to contribute my 2 cents. At the time I was starting to look more seriously at scoring & doing sound-design for film – and this album helped me land some of my first professional projects in TV & film. It’s a little lo-fi & dirty and not always speaker friendly, but might have a bit of life left in it…


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