Behavior TSOTMM Cover White

Released commercially in 2001, ‘The Story of the Mechanical Man’ was Michael McCann’s first project working under the name ‘Behavior’. The 13-track album was also McCann’s first foray into more electronic pop, blending elements of trip-hop, trance, ambient and jazz. The track “Anywhere But Here” became the opening theme song for the 4-season dramatic series Regenesis (watch opening), and many of the other tracks on the album went on to be used in various trailers, commercials and compilations.

• Release: May 2001
• Composed, produced, mixed and performed by Michael McCann
• Vocals on Anywhere But Here, The Freeman & The Lonely by Andrea Revel
• Vocals on Contradiction by Margo Timmins*
• Guitar: Kevin Olson
• Drums on ‘Introduction’: Darren Lloyd
• Cover design by Michael McCann


• Holy Thursday by David Axelrod [Anywhere But Here]
• Mining for Gold by The Cowboy Junkies [Contradiction]
• Tea With Sharmilla by Andrea Revel [The Lonely]
• All samples used with permission.

McCann: “My first album working under the name ‘Behavior’ was written and produced in Calgary, Canada between 2000 and 2001 when I was about 24. The entire album was produced and mixed almost entirely on a Kurzweil K2000 and a very early version of Cubase. The album title was inspired by Ralph Ellison’s novel ‘The Invisible Man‘. It was my intention with the album to experiment with as many genres as possible. My first album, Persona [1998 – working under the name Suture], was entirely electronic break-beat and I needed to expand into new territory. In the end, some of the experiments worked, others totally did not – example: track 13.” (Not included on this website.)