Borderlands 3 Background

Borderlands 3 Now Available Worldwide

Borderlands 3 is now available worldwide on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC (EGS).

Michael McCann is one the 4 lead composers on the game – with each composer scoring a different planet throughout the game’s universe. McCann was tasked with scoring Promethea, a futuristic high-tech world, immersed in neon-lit city skylines and torn apart by oppressive corporations.  McCann also scored Sanctuary III (the main ship that players will use to travel to different locations), Skywell-27 and Athenas. The other 3 composers are Jesper Kyd, Finishing Move Inc. and Raison Varner – who have each brought their own musical style to the other 3 planets in the game.

Previews from McCann’s side of the soundtrack will be uploaded to his Soundcloud each week. Please visit McCann’s Soundcloud here. For soundtrack updates please follow McCann on Twitter & Facebook (links at top of page).

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